deconstructing problems & constructing solutions
Project Audit

In depth analysis of your website covering

  • situation
  • objective
  • solutions

On average it takes only 10 work days to deliver solutions.

So, tell us about your project :-)
Highlights from a recent Project Audit
Paul Citarella

Founder, CEO
at Jointli

“The best dollars I've put into the business. Without a doubt.
I can't imagine where I would have ended up had I continued down the path I was on, but I'm sure glad I won't find out“
Paul Citarella

“ My heart may have been in the right place, but my pitch sure wasn't. They helped me realize what my potential customers were actually looking for and why my pitch was missing the mark. “

Paul Citarella

“ By helping me understand what it was that I was actually selling (it wasn't software) they opened my eyes to a much larger market than I had ever imagined. I was blown away! “

Paul Citarella

“ I can't believe how many monetization opportunities I was leaving on the table. “

Audit findings were nicely presented
Phone icon 2h long skype call covering all the issues, solutions and extra questions.
Document icon SOS sumary document
(Situation, Objective, Solutions)
  • with bullet points
  • covering all discussed issues
Mockup icon Quick wireframe “on a napkin“ to visualize solutions
Paul Citarella

“ I think your delivery is great. Great use of humor and analogies. Even though the findings were painful at some points, I genuinely enjoyed the whole discussion. “

After the Audit
If you agree with our suggestions you can hire us to advise you on how to implement them.
You can ask us to help you with some other detailed aspect of the project.
Or you can use us for a quick feedback whenever you need a second opinion about changes you are making.
Other clients after their Project Audits
“ ...They were so brutal that I fired them after the audit. Six months later, after all what they told me would happen happened, I went back to get their help. We've been working together successfully for a year now... “
Kyle HAWKE Virginia, US
“ ...Tom and Michael provided me with clear and objective insight, and a confident plan. They helped me see the many things that otherwise were going unnoticed. “
Eric JOHNSON Tennessee, US
“ webCardinals helped us discover, isolate and address the holes in our strategy, which ultimately saved us time and energy. Using their feedback, we were able to pivot on our strengths and pursue the real opportunity. “
Noah M. , US
“ They helped us identify areas on our website that had friction both for new clients and for existing users. Now I need to have my all other websites audited ASAP. “
“ ...If you need a straight-forward, realistic, and well informed opinion with all the fluff and ego stroking cut out, webCardinals is the team for the job... “
Jeremiah BEAUDRY Michigan, US
“ ...You might learn some hard facts about the current state of your project, but all the better to keep you on the path to success in the end... “
Jeremiah BEAUDRY Michigan, US
“ ...Sometimes we are too involved with our daily work to see the big picture and opportunities it can bring. webCardinals gave us perspective on our project that we didn't see before... “
Martin STASAITIS Michigan, US
“ ...they came through with an honest audit of my company's current situation and, helped re-define our objectives and outlined a solution to follow moving forward... “
Kyle HAWKE Virginia, US
“ was delivered with enthusiasm and clarity, demonstrating strong knowledge of the effective design of web applications... “
Dan NUNAN London, UK